Research is an essential element in most of our client engagements. We use it to identify and interpret the perceptions of stakeholders that affect corporate performance and valuation. While we focus primarily on the financial community and the media, we also conduct multi-audience and empirical research that addresses the information and analytical needs of corporate decision-makers such as chief executives, chief financial officers, chief marketing officers, investor relations directors, independent board members, strategic planners, and executives in marketing and public relations.

Research Goals

  • Provide guidance for refinements in the client’s corporate narrative and investment thesis

  • Help anticipate market reactions to new developments such as M&A, restructurings and various financial-performance scenarios

  • Measure, explain and help minimize disparities between the views of insiders and investors

Research Services

  • Investor and Sell-side Perception Surveys

  • Multi-audience Surveys

  • Media Analytics

  • Daily News Monitoring

  • Peer Group Monitoring and Analysis

Reports and Opinion


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